This really should not happen. Dawex gives you access to tools to evaluate the data before making your purchase.

  • Data diagnostics to evaluate the data’s technical quality.
  • Relevant sample to view part of the data.
  • The possibility to discuss freely with the provider before making your purchase, in order to obtain more details regarding the data.

This will help keep you from having any unpleasant surprises after the transaction. Nonetheless, if it does happen, you may contact Dawex support to explain your situation.

How can I be sure that the data actually corresponds to the sample?

The sample is generated exclusively by Dawex. It is designed to show a fair representation of the dataset. The provider is not able to modify the sample. The provider may only blur personal data or data that is considered to be strategic.

Once payment is made, the data is sequestered and may no longer be modified. The data you purchase is therefore sure to correspond to the sample.

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