Dawex does not place any barriers between sellers and buyers. Our dialog area enables you to discuss freely with the supplier, as often as you like, even before the sale. For security reasons, all of your conversations are secure, backed-up, and accessible at any time.

What are the reasons for contacting the supplier?

There are many reasons for contacting the supplier, including: requesting additional information about the data, suggesting a change to the license contract, negotiating prices, etc.

How do I contact the seller?

You may contact the supplier via the “Contact” button located at the bottom of the offer page, in the “Information about the seller” section.

Can we continue our discussion outside Dawex?

Dawex does not set any barriers against direct exchange between the buyer and seller. However, for reasons of security and traceability, we recommend that you communicate using the tools provided by the platform. With Dawex, all of your conversations are archived, and they may prove useful to you in case you need to assert your rights in case of a dispute. Remember that, in case of a dispute, Dawex can provide the entire history of your conversations with the supplier.

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