The sale of data on the internet is subject to the same obligations as any other commercial activity.
VAT is invoiced, or not invoiced, depending on the location of the buyer’s establishment.

How is the total amount to be paid to the supplier calculated?

  • If located in a different country than the supplier, the buyer pays the amount of the offer without taxes.
  • If located in the same country as the supplier, the buyer pays the pre-tax amount of the offer plus the applicable VAT rate in the country.

Attention: both parties may be subject to obligations regarding legal declarations (statement of account for VAT).

How do I add my VAT number to my profile?

You may store your VAT number and billing address in your profile. To do this:

  • Click on your account’s management interface
  • Select the “Modify my Company Page” section
  • Enter your VAT number in the dedicated area