No. Your data is never revealed to buyers until the transaction is validated.

On the other hand, a representative sample can be previewed on your offering description. The purpose of the data sample is to reassure potential acquirers with respect to your data quality. For objectivity reasons, samples are generated exclusively by Dawex.

Please be aware that the sample only represents a tiny part of your overall data. Its purpose is to be statistically representative of your dataset, not to be used by people who view it.

How does the buyer obtain my data?

At the time of the transaction, the acquirer’s payment is sequestered, then transferred to the provider within a maximum of 24 hours. This guarantees that you will be paid.
After the purchase, Dawex provides a temporary and strictly individual link so that the provider can download the data. This link is deactivated after 30 days.

> How does the Dawex payment system work?