On Dawex, you can provide or share any type of data: sales and marketing data, financial and administrative data, logistical or production data.
You can also provide or share personal data thanks to a process specifically adapted to address problems relating to this type of data. The only restrictions concern "sensitive" data.

What is meant by sensitive data?

Under French law, sensitive data reveals, directly or indirectly:

racial or ethnic origins, political, philosophical or religious opinions or the trade union membership of persons, or information which is related to the person’s health or sex life.

The collection and treatment of this data is prohibited by law.

Other data at risk

The collection and treatment of the following data is authorized, subject to compliance with regulatory obligations, specific to each one of them:

  • genetic data,
  • data relating to criminal offences, convictions, etc.,
  • data implying an assessment on the social difficulties of individuals,
  • biometrics data
  • data including the National Identity Registration (NIR) number

Can I provide data of a personal nature?

So long as it is not considered to be sensitive, you can provide or share personal data.
However, the sale of this type of data is regulated.
To ensure conformity with the law, our platform will guide you at each step and remind you of your obligations. You will then be able to provide your data, legally and securely.

Accepted formats to sell and share data

Our platform accepts the most common data formats:

  • csv
  • xls
  • txt
  • pdf
  • json
  • geoJSON
  • xml