Once Dawex has validated your account, you have access to the global data marketplace. Here is some information that will help you get the most out of using our search engine so that you can benefit from every opportunity.

What types of content?

The data marketplace gives you several ways to access data proposals:

  • Company pages for organizations that decide to reveal their identity on the data marketplace.
  • Data themes providing a global description of the data that an organization is willing to exchange or monetize.

  • Data offerings comprising available datasets and APIs, as well as related licenses for use. 

Searching for content

To run a search from your account, type a keyword in the search bar in the page header, or click directly on the magnifying glass.  

The central bar enables you to search using keywords, titles, and descriptions of offerings as well as their geographical locations.

Use quotation marks around an expression to search for exact text matches.

Advanced search

The panel on the right-hand side of the screen enables you to refine your searches by selecting more precise criteria. 

The list of filters changes according to sectors present in search results. To reinitialize the list, remove filters and delete keywords from the search bar.

If you cannot find results that match your needs, we recommend that you create an alert using the desired criteria to receive notification. 

You may choose to display search results either as a list or in a grid layout.