On Dawex, each time an account is created it is subject to a validation process performed by our team. We authenticate members as well as the companies they represent. No false profiles or malicious members. This selection is a prerequisite for the quality of our platform and the relationship of trust between our members.  

How are members’ identities verified?

We start by authenticating the email address, telephone number and LinkedIn profile. 

How is the existence of a registered company verified?

Our team certifies the existence of companies registered on the platform by checking the validity of the identification information provided (registration number, corporate name, VAT number, etc.)
We make sure that the business information provided for our members’ profiles is real and up to date.

Information contained in your account is secured and confidential. Only information that will be used for the license contract can be consulted by members connected in the company sheet.

Why is this information so important?

It allows Dawex to provide you with good recommendations in the case of transfer of personal data, for example.

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