Alerts enable you to receive suggestions automatically regarding available data on the platform that is likely to interest you.

To optimize the relevance of results, we recommend that you describe your need as accurately as possible.
Add more alerts to make sure you cover all your areas of interest effectively.

How to improve your alerts:

  • Define a geographical production zone for the data. This territory may correspond to a country, a continent, or the entire world.
    Select at least one business sector in the list to target company categories likely to produce the type of data you are looking for.
  • Use at least 3 to 10 words to describe your need.
  • Take advantage of the “Description of need”, field to express your detailed requirements.

Did you know?

You may make your alert visible to increase opportunities for conversations with your contacts.
Assign visibility for each of your alerts, independently of your organization page's visibility. Alerts can be visible on an anonymous organization page.
Only members who are in contact with you, or those invited to visit your organization page, will be able to see your visible alerts.
Alerts are not referenced in the Dawex marketplace.

Add an alert