At the time of Big Data, the sale of data has become widespread among companies. Dawex is a private platform, you are only visible to members (all professionals), or only visible to partners you have chosen. However, you must respect one golden rule: be in strict compliance with current regulations.

A constant reminder of the legislation

It is to meet this requirement that Dawex guides you through each step of the procedure to submit your offering. By using our platform, you are sure to be informed about legal framework governing your data provision. At each step, we will provide you with detailed explanations, and we offer to verify your data sets.

It may be tempting to monetize all your files! However, bear in mind that some data may cast doubt on confidentiality agreements you have concluded with your business partner. Always take time to think things through before deciding to distribute your files.

I don’t want to be visible to everyone

It’s possible! By configuring the visibility, you can choose who you show your offerings and your organization too. It is an ideal solution to ensure you do not provide information to the competition but are still able to provide your data. To find out more: How to decide who can see my offerings and acquire my data