In order to carry out a transaction on Dawex, each member must send required documents as related to KYC (Know Your Customer). If you and the provider have not made these documents available, the payment and data will be sequestered until each party’s KYC documents are validated.

What is KYC?

International banking regulations require being able to establish the origin of funds and ensure good knowledge of clients by verifying: 

  • Consistency of their banking and financial operations with respect to their activities
  • Their financial situation and assets 

This information must be collected via KYC (Know Your Customer) documents.

When do I need to provide these documents?

These documents are required in order to validate your first transaction. You may provide them when you sign up for Dawex, or via your personal space at any time, in the KYC section.

Do I need to provide KYC documents for each transaction?

No, you only need to provide these documents one time. They are then valid for subsequent transactions.

Where can I get these documents?

KYC documents are standard documents held by every organization. Depending on its organisation, you may ask your legal or administrative department to provide them.