Dawex guarantees member authentication when creating all new accounts.
This certification provides the trusted framework necessary for your future exchanges and transactions.

Why is that important?

Data providers must be sure of the identity of every member on the platform. They must be able to choose to whom they wish to reveal and provide data in complete confidence.

From the acquirer’s perspective, this information is essential for knowing where the data originated.

How does Dawex identify its members?

When you register on the platform, some information is requested that enables us to confirm your existence as well as that of your organization. This information enables us to offer acquirers and providers relevant recommendations concerning regulations when transferring data that contains personal information.

Profiles are identified both automatically and manually.
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Is the information in my account private?

The information contained in your account is completely secure and confidential.
Only the information present in the organization description may be seen by Dawex members. This also applies to the information used in license contracts.

I have doubts regarding the true existence of a member or organization. What should I do?

If you have doubts about whether or not a user or organization really exists, please contact the Support team. Our teams will handle your concern as quickly as possible. Any fake profiles will be deleted immediately. Also, the user will not be able to renew his/her subscription on the platform.